IP Asia Report 2020

For the last decade or more, analysts have pointed to Asia as a rising IP powerhouse. That time has arrived. Asia is now a major IP hub - driving critical innovation both for the region and the world. The articles in the IP Asia report throw a spotlight on Asian trends via the analysis of patents, trademarks domains. The report uncovers

  1. Fascinating trends in the usage of .BRAND domain extensions in the region and how Asian companies are managing their domain portfolios 
  2. The recent explosion of trademark filings both within Asia and globally by Asian applicants, and dives into the critical pharmaceutical sector. 
  3. The impact of non-practicing entities on the patent landscape in China, recent introduction of new provisions in relation to punitive damages in South Korea and the latest domain arbitration news from across Asia.
  4. Innovation trends across China, Japan and Southeast Asia, based on patent activity.

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